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Carfu, Mobil1

Car-fu is cars meet kung fu as Fernando Alonso takes on the bad guys in this high-octane display of agility, precision and fluidity. This social campaign was to promote a slightly more premium synthetic motor oil. Countries: China, India and ThailandAgency: BBDO Singapore  

Print Pranks, HP

In today’s digital world, the importance of a great printer is oftentimes forgotten. But a good prank? Never. HP Print Pranks shows that the HP Ink Tank printer delivers prints that are so high quality, you can even fool your boss or colleagues into thinking that the prints are actually real. Country: SingaporeAgency: BBDO Singapore

Taste The Southwest, Chili’s

Chili’s was launching its Southwest menu and needed a younger audience through the door. Taste of the Southwest roped in virtual singing cowboys to sing praise, country-style. Users visited the microsite, browsed the menu, chose a Southwest meal and invited family/friends to share it. Recipients got a personalized country song inviting them by name to […]

Househunter Test Drive, Nissan

A few years ago, Dubai had heaps of expats arriving daily to join the workforce. The vast majority of these people were on a mission to find a apartment/villa rental AND a vehicle in their first month. Great insights like this are inspiring. HouseHunter Test Drive matches your home, budget, area and family size with the right Nissan for your […]

Song About Space, HP

A collaboration with Jakarta Beatboxer, Reese Lansangan, Gin Lam and Benzilla as they flip the flexible HP x2 to a song about space, demonstrating how the device delivers four handy modes for the price of one. Country: SingaporeAgency: BBDO Singapore

Solutions Powered By People, FedEx

With competition rising in the shipping industry, FedEx needed to show SME owners that they do more than deliver a package from A to Z. Budget was limited. So contextual, bite-sized content that showed FedEx Solutions Powered by People in action was the answer. The three videos received a great response on Facebook and over […]

Fast Forward Pain Away, Panadol

It’s almost a decade old now, but this online advertising campaign for Panadol Actifast is still listed as one of the best banner campaigns on several sites across the internet. The three executions reveal how Panadol helps you clear your head and fast forward pain away easily and efficiently with Panadol Actifast.  Countries: MENAAgency: Memac Ogilvy  

Safe and Style, Volvo

Volvo was celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the 3-point seatbelt in a country… where many young people still weren’t buckling up. Rather than boring young people with seatbelt stats, we looked at the ever-changing fashions worn underneath them. The low budget campaign Safe & Style gave young people a fresh new reminder to always […]

Create Your Terrain, Nissan

To launch Nissan’s latest SUV family, we took the challenge of offroading online. We showed people how Nissan SUVs can take on any terrain, even ones designed by them. The site uses webcam detection to let viewers create their own digital terrains, and challenge a Nissan to conquer it to win.  Country: Online (Global)Agency: TBWA\RAAD

Hover Finger, Visa

eCommerce was growing rapidly across Asia, but many shoppers were abandoning their shopping carts due to security fears. Consumers across Asia Pacific hesitated before they clicked the “buy” button – so we gave this moment of hesitation a name – Hover Finger, and showed consumers that as long as they pay with Visa, they are […]