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UAE Food Explorer, Standard Chartered

Several years ago in the United Arab Emirates, eating out felt like the national pastime. But despite a 15% Cashback, people weren’t using their Standard Chartered cards when the bill arrived. The bank wanted to increase existing cardholder spends and generate new ones. Short-lived, tactical dining offers were everywhere at this time. Foodie conversations around […]

Sweet Tweets By U, Toblerone

On Twitter, people describe their Toblerone experiences in real-time. So to reflect the ‘Lost in the Toblerone Triangle’ positioning, the campaign features words commonly used to describe the experience. Users can interact by selecting different words and reading the tweets. They can even tweet about Toblerone themselves, and see it in the banner! Here’s how […]

Savvy with Space, Micra

From the under-the-seat shoe drawer to the extra large glovebox, the 2011 Nissan Micra makes the most out of what it’s got. So to reach drivers who value space savvy functionality, Nissan needed a banner that follows Micra’s lead. A banner so clever with space, you can use the ad to sell your car! Country: […]

Homework Hacks, HP

In several markets across APJ, mom is the primary caregiver when it comes to her child’s education. Homework Hacks is an online platform plus social content designed to build favourability by impacting sentiment. It offers tips to help enhance a children’s learning, proving that HP is dedicated to helping mom help her child shine. Agency: BBDO Proximity Singapore […]

Attack of the Veg Mondays, GE

Approximately 70% of Saudis are obese, including 3 million children. GE wanted to bring better health for more people across the Kingdom. Especially mums and kids – since research told us they are considered the gateway to family health. The solution? Go direct into people’s homes – with a free resource designed for change. Available […]