During Chinese New Year, cutouts of characters like 福 (Good Fortune) and 寿 (Longevity) called ‘fus’ are pasted on walls across Chinese households for good luck. Most are pasted upside-down because an “upside-down Fu” sounds nearly identical to the phrase “Good luck arrives”. So we matched Netflix Originals with Chinese New Year themes of 財 Wealth (Narcos, Ozark, El Chapo), 福 Good Fortune (The Crown, Bojack Horseman, Riverdale, Orange is the New Black, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Stranger Things) and 春 Spring (Altered Carbon, okja, A Korean Odyssey). The campaign captured the attention of entertainment publishers and created earned media for Netflix during the Chinese New Year season.

Country: Singapore
Agency: Zeno (An Edelman Company)