A few years ago, Dubai had heaps of expats arriving daily to join the workforce. The vast majority of these people were on a mission to find a apartment/villa rental AND a vehicle in their first month. Great insights like this are inspiring. HouseHunter Test Drive matches your home, budget, area and family size with the right Nissan for your soon-to-be driveway. I’m proud of the fact that this was listed by Mashable as one of the most “insanely clickable” ads in 2012.

Country: United Arab Emirates

Volvo was celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the 3-point seatbelt in a country… where many young people still weren’t buckling up. Rather than boring young people with seatbelt stats, we looked at the ever-changing fashions worn underneath them. The low budget campaign Safe & Style gave young people a fresh new reminder to always buckle up and was awarded Campaign Magazine’s Integrated Campaign of the Year.

Country: United Arab Emirates
Agency: Memac Ogilvy Dubai


To launch Nissan’s latest SUV family, we took the challenge of offroading online. We showed people how Nissan SUVs can take on any terrain, even ones designed by them. The site uses webcam detection to let viewers create their own digital terrains, and challenge a Nissan to conquer it to win. 

Country: Online (Global)

eCommerce was growing rapidly across Asia, but many shoppers were abandoning their shopping carts due to security fears. Consumers across Asia Pacific hesitated before they clicked the “buy” button – so we gave this moment of hesitation a name – Hover Finger, and showed consumers that as long as they pay with Visa, they are #AlwaysProtected.

Countries: APAC
Agency: BBDO Singapore